Starry Night Progress

Here is my progress so far on the
Starry, Starry Night Baby Blanket.
I still have to finish the cloud outer border and add the small individual stars and tack them on.
I have finished the 3-D cloud border and tacked it down though.

Also, I think the back is just as pretty and may add a few individual stars to the back.
After blocking this will be so beautiful and boy is this a lot of dc’s.


What is Ravelry?

This was posted on the Ravelry blog…I thought some of you may like to see it.
PS… yes, I am already in Ravelry… you can still sign up to get on the waiting list!

Still wondering exactly what Ravelry is and how you could possibly make use of it?

Just want to see some more screens while you wait?

LittleWit Erin put together a really cool video that shows off lots of Ravelry’s features.

Enjoy! (click the image below to play)

Click to play

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All Ages Admitted

I saw this on Smariek’s blog and thought it was fun. So I checked my blog to see
what it was rated and it got a “G” rating! So yeah, nothing anyone couldn’t read or see
here, and you know what… that is a good thing and I am proud of it.

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • crap (1x)

Updates on WIP

Sittin’and a Knittin’

Isn’t it just like a knitter to have several projects going at once. For me, I enjoy having many projects that I can choose from any given day. I also will switch from knitting to crochet and back again. For some reason crochet makes my hands hurt quicker than knitting. Also, if I really want to make a pattern, if I just go ahead and start it, I feel that I really will get it completed.

Here are a few of my WIP and some updated photo’s.

Brea Handbag

needs handles and a lining. I just can’t seem to find the “just right” handle.

My Something Sky Blue

It is coming along… I try to pick it up and knit on it some every day. One sleeve is almost done and the ribbing along the bottom is coming along.

Crocheted Crazy Baby Blanket

this is about the size of 4 dishcloth’s squared so far and the bumblebee tape measure is for size reference. I have a few more rows completed since this photo.

Starry, Starry Night Baby Blanket

I am enjoying this little blanket and it is taking much of my time lately.

Some projects that I recently finished are, 2 Loomed Versions of Ballband Dishcloths
and 2 Crazy Dishcloths.