My Birthday Girl is Home!

My daughter Jennifer has lived in St. Petersburg, Florida for 2 years now! I am amazed at how fast the time goes by, and I really miss seeing her more than she will ever know. Today is her 27th birthday and it seems just like yesterday that I was holding her in my arms as a baby, or rolling her hair for church on Sunday or sewing a new dress for her to wear to school. Even though she is all grown up, I still sometimes look at her and see her as that cute little girl smiling from ear to ear.

She lives with her 2 friends Jessica and Katie. So, Jennifer, Jessica, Katie and their friend Faith all surprise each other on each of their birthdays with something unique and fun to do. They always have such a great time together. Well, this year for Jessica’s birthday they all went sky diving! Yes, my daughter jumped out of a plane! Of course she didn’t tell me until it was all over, thank goodness. So, once she got here we got to see video of her jump and I am sharing it with all of you … be sure to leave her a comment.

We have been having a great time while she is here for the week. Her and I went to see my mom this past Thursday. We visited and knitted for a bit and then went to Safari Miles to have lunch. Here is Jennifer with my mom at the restaurant.

Moma and Jennifer2

Later that evening Jennifer and I went to see Sex and the City and even though we had both already seen it, it was just as fun seeing it a second time together. I have the whole series and when she lived at home her and I both watched the series from beginning to end. She had also just purchased the 2nd and 3rd season on DVD and both had a FREE pass to the movie, so we got to use those when we went which was nice.

Jennifer and her daddy spent Friday shopping and they went and had lunch with her Aunt Michelle and her paternal grandmother Marlene at Souper Salad.

Today Jennifer and I met my friend Pam at Dilworth Coffee in Mint Hill for some knitting and conversation. Here are Jennifer and Pam at the coffee house.

Pam and Jennifer

We got home and then she went with her brother to see the movie Wall-E and she asked him to also go shopping with her at the mall. He hates shopping but loves his sister!

Then on Sunday we all met Pat’s brother Mike and his wife Cathy and their daughter Christa for lunch at the Olive Garden. We had a great time, good food and great conversation. Here is a photo of Jennifer and her Uncle Mike and then the next one is Christa, Mike peeking from behind, Cathy and Jennifer.

Jennifer and her Uncle Mike

Christa, Mike, Cathy and Jennifer

Now for some knitting content! I bet you thought I wouldn’t have any huh? I knit her the Lelah top and the Little Lacy Shrug in Lace Style for her birthday and both fit just perfectly. Of course it helps that I have a dress form in her size to try stuff I make for her on which really helps out. The links in this paragraph will take you to my Ravelry notebook page for each with all the details.

Here is a little slide show with her wearing them both…

(switching to original view is best at above slide show link)


Let’s Loom an I-Cord…

For some of you who may not know, I first learned to knit using knitting boards and looms and then quickly fell in love and started designing patterns for them.

I sell my patterns at Bee Happy Designs and I still occasionally I get the urge to design a new looming pattern.

I have been crocheting since I was a teenager, but just learned to needle knit in February of 2007 and ever since then I haven’t stopped knitting! As much as I love knitting with needles, one of the things that I still do using a loom is knitting i-cord. It is my preferred method and to me is much faster than knitting i-cord using a DPN.

Why not give it a try?