Ballband Dishcloth

Sittin’ and a Knittin’

Well I have finished my Ballband dishcloth. I made 2 more but made them a little smaller. I really enjoyed knitting this pattern and love how quick it knits up. However, the back of the dishcloth just isn’t pretty at all, and no one ever tells you that…LOL Here are some photo’s of the ones I knitted.
Here is the link to the pattern I used… Ballband Dishcloth.

Above is the front and below is the back…

I have been busy with some new looming patterns and will post pictures soon of what I am working on.
Until then… take care and keep on knitting!


Moving back to Blogger, oh my and why?

Sittin’and a Knittin’

Ok, yea I know… you just wanna smack the crap out of me…right? LOL

I mean am I staying on Blogger now for good, or next week will I be bailing out to a new

blogging spot? In truth… I don’t know! Isn’t that horrible?

I really am planning to just stay put, on Blogger, at least for now or until something much better comes along (and I mean MUCH better). That still doesn’t sound very loyal does it?

Ok, now for the why. Well, I wasn’t really getting the jive of the widget’s on Blogger, which is why I bailed from here in the first place, that and the template’s meagar choice’s, but it’s about the same on WordPress. Both have their good and bad.

However, on WordPress you’re not allowed to use any “java script” ARG!

I never knew how much I used “java script” until I couldn’t use it anymore. So, thus my re-newing my lease on blogging life here at Blogger.

I had written a few (well more than a few) post on WordPress, so I am keeping the account open so that any of you who may want to see what you missed can go there and read those post.
So, here is the link for my now, old blog on WordPress…

Here is the now, new link for my blog…

Knit Knot Purl Curl on Blogger

Now, you can always get to my blog
by also typing into your
browser address bar.

It will always re-direct to where I am at the time…LOL
You still have to update your bookmarks though…sorry!
Now, to all of you dear bloggy friends, thank you for being so patient with me, and now

back to our regularly scheduled program!

Turtle Dishcloth Inspired by Spaz!

As I was reading one of my fav blogs… Smariek Knits I happened upon this absolutely adorable dishcloth called Embossed Turtle! Of course after just having visited my daughter in Florida and their turtle “Spaz” I just had to knit this in his honor.


“Meet Spaz”



So, without further ado I give you spaz immortalized in cotton!

Here being eloquently and graciously modeled by my Zoe’


Embossed Turtle Dishcloth

He is on his way to Florida for Jennifer, Jessica and Katie to share.

Enjoy girls!


PS… Jennifer and Katie if you learn to purl you can make more…LOL

Zoe and turtle dishcloth


Happy 4th of July!

appy 4th of uly

We made it safely back home and had a wonderful visit with our daughter, Jennifer in

St. Petersburg, Florida this past week.


I stayed busy on the way down with my knitting and crochet. I finished Brea except I have to purchase the handle and sew the lining. I will post pictures of it when I am done. I have to get my serger fixed first as I sewed over a pin and now it won’t sew. Ugh!


Blue Purse Cover


This is the crocheted blue purse cover that I made on the drive to Florida. The small pouch I finished on the way home with my leftover yarn from the blue and black purse cover. Tapestry Crochet Pouch I was going to knit on my Something Red sweater and realized that I had forgot to take the size 7 Knit Picks Option needles I needed to work on it, so thus the little tapestry crocheted pouch.

The Little Pleated Skirt that I had knitted for Jennifer fit perfectly and she loved it. I did have to crochet a little edge at the top to run a small crocheted cord through so that it wouldn’t fall off. It was the perfect solution!

Click thumbnails to see larger photo

Pleated skirt 1. Pleated skirt 2

Since it fit her so well and she really liked it, I am going to knit her a green one. Sean and Jennifer Sean, Jennifer and Patrick Here she is wearing it out to dinner last Friday evening for her birthday. The guy with her is her boyfriend Sean. Sean and Jennifer 2

Sean with Jennifer at dinner. He’s just a little cutie too! While I was there I taught Katie how to knit and here she is with her finished Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth. Katie and Jennifer Knitting Katie Knitting Katie

I gave Jennifer a refresher course on her knitting and also taught her to crochet. I’m so proud! LOL

Jennifer and Me    Knitting Jennifer

I also received my first mini skein mailing from while we were gone.

Elann skein subscription You purchase their skein subscription and everytime you get their newsletter each month you get sample skeins of the new yarns coming out and sample snips of every yarn in the newsletter.

Very cool!