I’m Fifty and Fabulous!

and I am

It is hard to believe that I am actually 50! I guess everyone thinks the same thing when they turn 50. It’s funny but turning 40 bothered me much more than turning 50 and turning 30 didn’t phase me a bit. They also say that 50 is now the new 40, whatever that means!

Anyway, I have had a great birthday. I took the week off and have devoted all of my time to doing just what I wanted which was nothing more than relaxing, watching TV and knitting! I have had many birthday wishes sent my way and and they have all made me feel special.

The video clip below shows some of the gifts that I have received from friends and family.

My daughter Jennifer sent me the Scor-Pal with the cutting mat insert to help me with my new love of scrapping. She also sent some beautiful Apollo engraved earrings from the Metropolitan Art Museum. My son Justin got me a new keyboard. The old one I had was also backlit, but I had rubbed off some of the keys as I type so much. This new one is great! It is nice because it is also backlit and I can change the color anytime I want.

My hubby took me out to dinner last night at the Golden Corral and it was so good. We got the buffet and boy did we both get stuffed! He even had 3 steaks! I had baked chicken, steamed brocolli and califlower, a salad, fried okra, swedish meatballs, mashed potato’s and gravy, green beans and fried chicken livers! Then I had banana pudding and a brownie for dessert. Now, mind you that sounds like a lot of food and it was, but it all fit on one plate. I had a little of everything and isn’t that what buffets and birthday dinners are meant to be? LOL After dinner we went to Walmart and he bought me the new Sex and the City movie and a new hugging pillow (which is so soft and squishy). He also took me to lunch at McAlister’s today and then to Hobby Lobby where I found a great plastic drawer cart to keep my scrapbook papers in and it was 50% off! That was my bd present to me! Patrick (my hubby) also gave me a cute little wooden chest with 50 $1 gold coins inside. He came and gave that to me as I was writing this post! He is so sweet!

My mom sent me a ceramic pumpkin candle, some pumpkin room spray and a plug in room freshener with 2 pumpkin refills. I love smell goods in the house! My sister Kim had also put her gift to me in the box and it was a gift card to Dunkin Donuts (my fav place for coffee) and a cute little thing of mints that say “The Big 5-0 on them, so those I’ll save. My sister Jan sent a bd card with money to get what I want + she sent a gorgeous Flower Birthday Cake to me today! The card read – “Everyone should get something special on their 50th birthday”. It is so pretty and it smells good too!

My friend Pam called me this morning and sang Happy Birthday to me and my sister-in-law also called to wish me Happy Birthday. My mother-in-law sent a bd card with money to get what I want too.

On Friday afternoon my friend Aura and I went to sit and knit at The Coffee Garden and she had a bag of goodies for me. A nice dishcloth that she had made, a Fiskars ribbon punch, a little tin of Sweetarts, some homemade soap for the face and a tin of homemade Patchouli Dream balm which smells awesome and has coconut oil, beeswax, patchouli and sweet orange oils. It is so soothing! (not in video as it was on my pc desk because I am constantly using it). She had given me several gift tags that she had made and 2 nice greeting cards that she had made + the bd card to me she had made. She also bought my coffee too! It was the best way to spend my last day of youth with my sweet friend Aura!

So, all in all I was very blessed on this special birthday and my family and friends made it all the better!


A drawing for my friend…

I’ve been having lots of fun on FaceBook. My friend Aura insisted that I get back on and ever since it seems FaceBook is the first thing I do every morning and the last thing I check every night…LOL

Today Aura sent an invite for a new app called Graffiti..how fun!

So..this is a picture I drew of my friend Aura and to see the drawing you’ll have to click on the link in this sentence. I had to post it to my KKPC Blogger blog that I set up just to share things that I can’t on WordPress.


Egeblad Doily aka “The Love Shade” Complete

Started May 19, 08 ~~~ Finished September 10, 08

After room light on

Above photo shows it complete after adding a crocheted edge to make it longer.

Finally I have finished my “Love Shade” or Egeblad. I knit this doily to go over a night lamp in my bedroom as it’s a little too bright even on low. I am using a dark blue handkerchief now and this will be a much nicer fix. My friend Pam dubbed it my Love Shade as it’s going in my bedroom. Funny girl. So, the name stuck!

Egeblad Blocking

This really shouldn’t have taken me this long to complete, but I have many WIP’s and would just jump from one project to another. I finally decided that I really need to get these projects that are half done finished. Now I only have Something in Red, Lady Eleanor and my Entrelac Throw to finish … that is the projects left over from 2007. More recently I need to finish my Beaded Sherry Frill, Salem and my Swirly Crocheted Shawl. I won’t even mention my Swiss Cheese Scarf and Country Blue Shawl that haven’t even seen the light of day recently. Hey, but I have to finish one at a time right?

I also finished my Broad Spiral Rib socks and they fit great, even though they aren’t very pretty. They are very comfortable though. Here they are on my new Fiber Trends sock blockers.


That’s all for now…back to those waiting projects!