I would like to introduce you to our little Poodledoo’s.

This is Sadie


Sadie is our oldest and she is around 8 pounds. We adopted her from a lady in King’s Mountain who had just started breeding poodles. My daughter Jennifer and I went and picked her up. She was the last one of the litter and no one wanted a girl or a white one. So, we were blessed enough to be able to take Sadie home. She is really the smartest of all 3. She can sit, speak, sing and fetch a ball and actually bring it back to you. She sleeps with our son Justin at night. Justinboy is her favorite!

She gets along well with Zoe and Hayley and will always give up her spot anywhere for one of them. She barks really loud…ugh! But, she always lets us know if something is going on or someone is visiting. She loves everybody and always is the first to say hello.

This is Zoe


We adopted Zoe from the same lady we got Sadie from. In fact she is Sadie’s niece. My son Justin went with me to pick her up. Zoe is the smallest at only 5 pounds. But, that doesn’t stop her from thinking she is the biggest. She thinks that she is the boss of everything and she doesn’t really like anyone. She will put up with you, but she would prefer no one new ever come and visit. She is a little yapper and our nickname for her is DevilDog…LOL She loves me though, I’m her mommy and she always follows me and has to know where I am at at all times. She goes to bed with me and sleeps under the covers. She even takes naps with me. She is my Zoe. She doesn’t play with anyone … ever… she just watches.

Oh, and Zoe is deaf. She was born without ear openings so her ears are closed. But, that doesn’t matter she gets along just fine. Although, we do a lot of hand motions to get her attention and I think she can hear me when I call for her, I holler Zoe really loud and high pitched and boy she comes a runnin’.

This is Hayley


We adopted Hayley from a lady in Greensboro. My sister and niece Alexis went with me to pick her up. She was and is the sweetest of all of our 3. I think she is also the prettiest. She never meets a stranger and is always finding a toy to bring to you as a present when you come over or when any of us comes home. She doesn’t care for children however, I think they scare her so she runs from them…LOL

My husband Pat is her daddy. She loves him and sleeps with him under the covers. She always wants to be with him and loves to be outside with him. She loves scooter rides in the afternoon’s with her daddy and Zoe. She doesn’t like controversy and will jump in to stop a fight that might ensue with Sadie or Zoe. She calms them down. She will play with Sadie and run and chase her and pull a tug toy with her.

She hardly ever barks in the house, although she makes up for that when she goes outside. It is so funny! She runs all around the house, backyard, front and sides just a barking. She is letting everyone know she is here and this is her house and yard. So funny, she does this everytime she goes out.

This is a Video Vignette

of my Daughter Jennifer Introducing them…


3 thoughts on “Poodledoo’s

  1. Hey Moma! These are great! I miss the little furballs… sniff, sniff. I love you and can’t wait to see you in 8 days!

    Love you,


  2. Hey Connie you did a great job with the dogie stories. I really liked them and all the pictures.I like your new blogging home.Very nice

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