Good Times and Great Friends

A dear knitting friend (Diane) that I had not seen in a while came to knit with Aura and I. We had the best time catching up on what we have both been working on these past few months. When you are having a good time it is amazing how fast time flies. I am so thankful for good friends that no matter how long it’s been since you’ve visited, you can just feel right at home with them anytime you see them. No matter how many months have passed. I am looking forward to my next visit with Diane already!

Here is a little slide show of some projects that we shared…

Knit Nut Meetup

I have been remiss in blogging about anything these days and this post about our last Knit Nut meeting is very late! It was a small meeting on Saturday, August 16th. It was Rose and I and a new Knit Nut named Robin. She was just the sweetest young lady. We are looking forward to having her be a part of our little group. Welcome Robin!

Robin crocheting her baby blanket

Rose brought her beautiful Hemlock to show us!

Rose with her Hemlock

I am also still having so much fun making greeting cards! Once I go to my craft room to work on cards the hours just fly by. However, I have been knitting and crocheting too!

I am almost finished with my Broad Spiral Socks that I took a class for. I had really been hating them as they look like camouflage socks to me from Desert Storm. Then Rose told me to think of them as Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream…that works!


I’m also crocheting on my Salem and my Swirl Shawl (crocheted version) and trying to get them both finished. I love the crochet pattern for these swirls much better than I do the knit version. For the Salem throw I will seam them together once I am finished crocheting all of the hexagon’s. I am using Marble yarn and I want to place them in a pleasing configuration before I seam. The top photos are Salem and they are 8″ in size and I am using a size G hook.  For the Swirl Shawl I am seaming as I go and using a sport weight yarn called Jojoland Melody. It is the last photo and they are 4 1/2″ in size and I am using a size F hook.

swirly_salem_start2Salemswirl0001 JoJoShawl1


Dishcloth, Facecloth or Washcloth?

I have been on a “warshrag” kick as of late and further more have been crocheting most of them instead of knitting. I just had a quite a few patterns that I had been wanting to try. Sometimes you just have to put away the projects that just seem to go on and on and work on something quick that gives you almost instant gratification.

Starburst Dishcloths7

Starburst (crochet) – This one is super easy and really fun to make. Easily memorized pattern and very fast to complete.

Blossom Stitch Washcloth

Blossom Stitch (crochet) – This is another quick project and I love the picot edging.

Just Right Cloth in Lavender

Just Right (crochet) – This pattern I purchased and it has 2 sizes. I chose the Just Right size which is about 8″ square, but there is a larger Big Time one if you want yours bigger.

Picot Grandma3

Picot Edge Grandmas Favorite (knit) – This is my favorite so far. I love the picot edge on this one! A new take on an old favorite.

Hyperbolic Scrubbie5 Bath Puffy3

Blue and Purple on the top is Hyperbolic (crochet) and the Green and Mint after that is Bath Puff (crochet)

Tribble w_netting1

Tribble (crochet)

I also made a few scrubbies. Take my advice…don’t waste your time. Although they are quick and fun to make, they are horrible in the shower. They get heavy and won’t lather. Mine have become doggie toys.

The last one, the Tribble can be used in the kitchen. I also added some netting around the outside of it for some scrubibility! <—is that a word?

I did find some time to make a few more cards. I tend to make many of one design after I figure it out as it’s just as easy to make 4-6 as it is one. Here are my latest. The one on the left is a Bird-day card and the top comes off and a greeting pulls out and can be saved as a bookmark. The one on the right is a cute one. A bug in a fly swatter. On the outside is says ” Sorry to hear you caught a bug” and the inside says ” Get Better Soon”.


I also went to my second Stampin Up Christmas Card party and made 5 cute new ones that look like mittens. I’ll have to show you those next time.

Until then…go knit or crochet or stamp up something!

Stamp and Scrap Fun

I thought I had better publish a quick post to let you know that I am still knitting and crocheting, although not as much these last few weeks. I seem to be overtaken by the bug to create greeting cards. I’m hoping to have the bird related one’s for sale at my sister’s bird store in Denver, NC and I’m going to try my hand at selling the other’s on and my site .

Here are a few of my last creations.

humming_beige humming_green

3 birds blue 2008_07290015

I made this little thank you note and it was inspired by my daughter, as she loves shoes! So when I saw the cute little shoe stamps I had to have them. (Cheap at AC Moore clearance bin)


I’ve also been making these cute little envelopes with tiny little notes inside. I am calling them

“Tea Tag Notes”

tea tags flat

Finally, just for fun I made this cute little box using 12 x 12 double sided paper. It is about 6″ square and 3″ tall. So much fun! I plan to make some of these in Christmas papers. You can learn how to make your own here.


Now for a bit o’ knittin’ content! I have purchased some gorgeous yarn that I had planned to use on the Swirl Shawl pattern, however after trying the pattern I believe I will make a shawl using a similar crochet pattern and just piece it together. i had purchased the Swirl Shawl pattern and when I purchased the yarn it came with another pattern. So, I have a duplicate! If you would like to purchase my duplicate (which is NOT a photocopy) just message me and let me know. I will sell it for $5 which is what the pattern sells for…but the shipping is included so you’ll save on shipping cost.

melody ms08

Last but not least a litte fun video of our toy poodles Zoe and Hayley taking a swim with daddy. My husband cuts grass for a few of our neighbor’s and he purchased this small pool to dive into and cool off when he’s done with yard work. The first in is Zoe, she’s my little baby. She’s the one who is deaf and she loves her moma! The second in is Hayley and she is all Daddy’s doggie, as you can see the daddy really doesn’t let go of her much, however he did forget her name…LOL Too funny! We also have another poodle Sadie, and when I turned around to put her in “she was gone” She had no desire to go swimming!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!