What a nice surprise!

This past Christmas I served punch when my husbands family came over Christmas eve and then to my family on Christmas day.  I don’t have a punch bowl so I used the largest pot I had to serve the punch from.

Well now I do…have a punch bowl!

My husband came home yesterday from a visit to his mom’s with a big box. He says my mom gave you a punch bowl.
To which I excitedly replied…really?

I was happy to get a punch bowl to use for my next get together and not only was it a punch bowl, but a HUGE punch bowl with pedestal and 13 cups! She also gave me a glass cake cover and stand. I told my hubby that I needed to make another Red Velvet cake to put in it and show it off! He is happy about that! I also have a brand new RED Kitchen Aid mixer that I got for Christmas from hubby that I haven’t even used yet. So this will be the perfect excuse to bake a cake!

She also included a beautiful toile gravy boat with tray and ladle. As soon as my husband took the newsprint off of it, I exclaimed, “Now, that will have to be Jennifer’s!”.  My daughter loves toile. It is so pretty that I would love to keep it too, but I can be happy with just the punch bowl and cake stand! LOL

Here is a short video clip of the

Punch Bowl, Cake Stand and Toile Gravy Boat


A beautiful FLOWER surprise!

My sweet daughter Jennifer suprised me today and sent me some beautiful flowers!


She included this note and I can’t tell you how much this just made my day! I am trying for the umpteenth time to finally rid myself of my excess weight and through literally thick and thin Jennifer has been my #1 supporter! I almost didn’t even tell her or my husband this time for fear of disappointing them yet again if I fail. However, this time the word “IF” is not in my vocabulary! The new word is “WHEN”! Not if I lose all my weight, but when I lose all my weight.


Thank you so much Jennifer for being my cheerleader and for always being positive and always in my corner no matter what. I can always count on you to cheer me on and be so happy for me when I lose. You are the best daughter a mom could have and I love you so much!

Straw Bag Revamp

This past weekend at our Knit Nut meeting, Larissa had crocheted some yarn over her knitting bag handles because her bunny had chewed on them. I thought this was a great idea and since my straw bag handles weren’t very comfy and they snagged my yarn, I decided to do the same. I also added yarn around the top of the bag.