Beach Trip and Sour Dough Bread!

I went to the beach last weekend with 11 ladies from our SS class. We had a great time and I can’t wait to go back next year. Here is a photo of our group on the day going home.

Group Photo on our day home.

Back Row: Donna, Vanessa, Julie, Judy, Marsha and Linda

Front Row: Melissa, Vivian, Carolyn, Gail, Sandy and ME!

We met at our SS teacher’s  (John Hurley) home at 9 am on last Thursday, April 30th. Vanessa is the SS teacher’s wife and we followed her down. Vivian and Gail rode with me and Carolyn and Donna rode with Vanessa. We had a great time just riding down to the beach and the time went by quickly. We stopped for lunch at Wendy’s before arriving at the beach house. A few hours later Melissa and Linda arrived. That night was my night to cook and so I prepared Hobo Suppers for the 8 of us. For dessert I made a Lemon Jello and Cherry Jello pie.

What’s a hobo supper you ask? Well, it’s just a hamburger patty, some potatoes, some carrots and some seasoning all in a piece of tin foil, so that there are no dishes to wash. You make each person’s individually and then bake in a 375 degree oven for a little over an hour. The pies are so simple too. 1 container of Cool Whip, 1 Sm. pkg. of Jello and 1 – 6 or 8 oz. container of yogurt. Mix these ingredients together and pour into a graham cracker crust. I put mine in the freezer as it sets up quicker that way and then take it out about 10 minutes before serving. Yummy!

Friday morning I got up early, made the bed, took my shower and when I got out of the shower and dried off, I saw something falling on the floor about 2 ft. away from me? I thought “what is that?” Then I noticed it was me! My leg was spewing blood across the bathroom. Luckily none got on the white cloth shower curtain. I have this small varicose vein on my right leg and it has a little spot that looks like a freckle. It has been there for years and is no bigger than the tip of a sewing pin. I have even nicked it shaving my legs before and it has never spewed! Well, I grab a rag, hold it on my leg and hobble to the bed to elevate my leg, all the while trying not to get any blood on the cream carpet!

I sat there for a little while, with pressure on my leg, lifted the rag to see if it had stopped bleeding and NO it was still spewing  and the rag was full of blood. Then I panicked a little. I was naked, but oh well, I needed help. I hobbled to the door, holding the rag on my leg and a towel across my boobs, opened the door and yelled for help. Hoping that someone upstairs would hear me, or otherwise I was going to have to hobble over to the bottom of the stairs.

Well, Vivian was already downstairs and came to my aid. Then Melissa who is a nurse came in and looked and yes…still spewing blood. She proceeded to keep pressure on my leg, while Vivian got me a blanket to cover up with. Linda came in and cleaned up the bathroom floor and then Melissa said they needed to call the paramedics. Well, I didn’t want to go to the hospital, but knew I would if I had to. Donna proceeded to call them and then the ladies came in and gathered round me and Vanessa prayed that my leg would stop bleeding. Within minutes in had stopped. Vivian helped me get some underwear on and a top before the medics arrived. The bleeding had stopped and so I opted not to go to the hospital. They took my BP and said it was a bit elevated but that was normal under the circumstances.

After they left both Melissa and Vivian said that they were inept…LOL and didn’t know what they were doing. HA!

So, I proceed to get dressed and dry my hair and Vivian came back in to check on me and helped to wash off some blood on the bottom of my foot and you guessed it? It started spewing AGAIN! Oh my gosh!

Well, more pressure from Melissa and it finally stopped. Enough drama I say. Well, it has been fine ever since and I still don’t know why it did that.

After we got dressed, Carolyn took 5 of us on a tour of the campground on her 2 golf carts, where she has a home. She drove me and Gail and Linda drove the other golf cart with Melissa and Vivian. She has a beautiful home and here is a photo of the 6 of us on her upper deck.

Me,Gail,Linda,Carolyn,Melissa and Vivian

Here is a little video of our golf cart ride…

It was so much fun riding around in that golf cart and the weather was beautiful! When we got back to the beach house, Vanessa taught us this new game called, Rummikub. It is so much fun and at any time you could find 4 of us ladies playing that game all weekend.

Playing Rummi-kub

Later Friday, Marsha, Julie, Judy and Sandy arrived.  They fixed us a wonderful supper that night and then we played a game of Catch Phrase and I have never laughed so hard. All of us had sore cheeks from smiling so much. What a great time! We also had so much food and I am surprised that I stayed on my diet plan and came home with no weight gain! That was good!

Overall we had a wonderful time and I count it as a blessing that I got to go. I feel I know each of these ladies better now and I love them all. We all were blessed on this trip and I am thankful for each and everyone of my sister’s in Christ.

Gail and Vivian had brought some Sour Dough bread that was out of this world and when we got back home, Gail gave me a starter. My first try at making the bread wasn’t good. Let’s just say I made some bread bricks! It tasted good but was heavy and well, just not fluffy at ALL. I read up on the web about baking bread and tried again.

Well this time my bread came out splendidly!

Bread1 Perfect Crust Sliced of bread anyone

It rose to perfection on the first rise, then rose again before baking and came out of the oven with a beautiful crust. I wish I could let you smell it! It was so easy and I know I will be baking bread weekly now. I can’t have any on my diet, except sparingly, but my husband and son can and they love it.

Here is the recipe…the version Gail and Vivian gave me only calls for adding yeast once you are ready to bake.  It also says to add 3/4 c. of sugar to the feeding and increase the water to 1 – 1/2 c. when baking and increase the salt by 1/2 tlbs. Also add 1/3 c. of sugar when ready to bake instead of 1/2 c.

I really don’t think you can mess this up and it seems that there are may variations on the starter, feeding and baking. This is just how I did mine. I also used my new Kitchen Aid mixer to knead for me. Boy that was easier, and I put a wet towel over my bowl with a cup of hot water and left it in the microwave to rise. It more than doubled on that first rise. Then I punched it down and divided it into 2 loaf pans and one pan of rolls. I did not knead it anymore after the first time. I just handled it enough to get it into the pans. I took a sharp knife and cut a slit down both bread loaf tops before rising and each of the rolls. I sprayed a wax paper sheet with Pam and laid it over the top, put them in the oven with the light on and another cup of hot water. I also spritzed the loaves a few times during baking with water. I saw somewhere on the web that, that would help to give a nice crust. It called for 30 minutes on 325, but mine only took 25 minutes.

Thanks Vivian and Gail for sharing with me!

Well, I did teach Donna to knit at the beach and I taught Gail how to Tunisian crochet, but I took no photo’s. Darn it! So, no fiber content in this post? Or is there? I guess we can say that the bread is the fiber content! LOL

Until next time!