The Lady and the Felted Bag and 30 years!

The Lady is my Lady Eleanor WIP and the bag is my Stained Glass Fan Bag WIP.

First the Lady … she is one of my long time WIP’s and my goal this year was to finish all of my WIP’s! I am well on my way and now have over half of the Lady finished, and I had forgotten how much fun entrelac is. It also helps to know how to knit backwards so you don’t have to constantly turn your work. It is a great technique to avoid purling on all of your wrong side rows, which is great for entrelac as usually you only have 8 or less stitches. The KnitWitch has a great video on this technique here. You can find the Lady E pattern in the book Scarf Style.

Lady Eleanor

I’ve also finished and felted my Stained Glass Fan Bag and lined it as well. I now just have to find the perfect handles for it. The hardest part of any handbag is finding the perfect handles.

stainedglass0009stainedglass0016 0008

I also found the time to finish a quick potholder called Origami Hot Pad. This was really super fast and I started and finished it this past Sunday afternoon.

Natural Stripes Origami Hot Pad

On Tuesday, April 8th my husband and I had our 30 year anniversary. We spent the day together and had a really enjoyable day. He took me to Borders to buy knitting and crochet magazine’s and I of course I had to have a cold cappuccino at the coffee shop in Borders. We had lunch at Max and Erma’s and he also took me back to the church where we were married. We only drove around the church as it is also a private Christian school so we didn’t go in. The cemetery where my dad is buried is also behind the church, so it was nice to go to my dad’s grave as I hadn’t seen the grave marker since it had been placed.


My husband also took the whole week off, so we went out to eat much more than we normally would. Our daughter had sent us a gift certificate for Outback Steakhouse, so we went there on Thursday and then we went for lunch on Friday to Boston Market.

I get up on Wednesday morning to a surprise that my husband had put in our living room. He had bought a grandfather clock for our 30 year anniversary and although it is huge, I know it will be an heirloom to pass down for generations. He got a great deal on it at Sofa Express who is going out of business and he said he just couldn’t pass it up. I am getting used to it now and love the sounds it makes every 15 minutes.

Ok, that’s enough for now. .. I have a test knit cardigan that is on my needles now for LilyGo. I am giving it to my mom for Mother’s Day so I can’t blog about it until it’s done, as I want the color and pattern to be a surprise. So, look for that post later.

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