Happy Valentines Day


A beautiful FLOWER surprise!

My sweet daughter Jennifer suprised me today and sent me some beautiful flowers!


She included this note and I can’t tell you how much this just made my day! I am trying for the umpteenth time to finally rid myself of my excess weight and through literally thick and thin Jennifer has been my #1 supporter! I almost didn’t even tell her or my husband this time for fear of disappointing them yet again if I fail. However, this time the word “IF” is not in my vocabulary! The new word is “WHEN”! Not if I lose all my weight, but when I lose all my weight.


Thank you so much Jennifer for being my cheerleader and for always being positive and always in my corner no matter what. I can always count on you to cheer me on and be so happy for me when I lose. You are the best daughter a mom could have and I love you so much!

Straw Bag Revamp

This past weekend at our Knit Nut meeting, Larissa had crocheted some yarn over her knitting bag handles because her bunny had chewed on them. I thought this was a great idea and since my straw bag handles weren’t very comfy and they snagged my yarn, I decided to do the same. I also added yarn around the top of the bag.




A Look Back at 2008

A look back at my projects of 2008. I had so much fun and learned many new things this past year.

I would have to say the most challenging project was the test knit that I did for LilyGo which was the sweater I knitted for my mom on Mother’s Day.

The most enjoyable knit was Lelah which is the strapless top I knitted for Jennifer’s Birthday.

The one that surprised me most was the Lacy Shrug I also knit for Jennifer to go with Lelah as it was much easier than I expected it to be.

The one that excited me most was learning the picot edging for my knitted Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloths.

The most frustrating was those awful Broad Rib Spiral socks! The pattern was easy enough and it was the first time I knit 2 socks at the same time. However the yarn was awful and looked like Desert Storm military socks! I was very disappointed in that yarn as it was pricey and I expected better.

The most fun was Egeblad Doily which I used to cover my bedside lamp, so my friend dubbed it the Love Shade. Funny but I only was able to enjoy it for about a week and then the lamp died!

The knit I am most proud of is the dress I knitted for Jennifer for Christmas. I actually knitted it in the round and figured out how to do it! It came out just perfect!

The project most changed was my Lady E which ended up being felted into a purse.

The ugliest was that darn Ladybug Shrug~! What was I thinking?

I sometimes took time to knit a fast dishcloth here or there or to crochet a quick market bag. Sometimes you just have to see results fast! I did manage 2 charity projects but I really should do better than that in ’09.

Overall…I am most pleased with everything I knit or crocheted and the most important thing of all is … I had fun doing it~!

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