Good Times and Great Friends

A dear knitting friend (Diane) that I had not seen in a while came to knit with Aura and I. We had the best time catching up on what we have both been working on these past few months. When you are having a good time it is amazing how fast time flies. I am so thankful for good friends that no matter how long it’s been since you’ve visited, you can just feel right at home with them anytime you see them. No matter how many months have passed. I am looking forward to my next visit with Diane already!

Here is a little slide show of some projects that we shared…

Knit Nut Meetup

I have been remiss in blogging about anything these days and this post about our last Knit Nut meeting is very late! It was a small meeting on Saturday, August 16th. It was Rose and I and a new Knit Nut named Robin. She was just the sweetest young lady. We are looking forward to having her be a part of our little group. Welcome Robin!

Robin crocheting her baby blanket

Rose brought her beautiful Hemlock to show us!

Rose with her Hemlock

I am also still having so much fun making greeting cards! Once I go to my craft room to work on cards the hours just fly by. However, I have been knitting and crocheting too!

I am almost finished with my Broad Spiral Socks that I took a class for. I had really been hating them as they look like camouflage socks to me from Desert Storm. Then Rose told me to think of them as Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream…that works!


I’m also crocheting on my Salem and my Swirl Shawl (crocheted version) and trying to get them both finished. I love the crochet pattern for these swirls much better than I do the knit version. For the Salem throw I will seam them together once I am finished crocheting all of the hexagon’s. I am using Marble yarn and I want to place them in a pleasing configuration before I seam. The top photos are Salem and they are 8″ in size and I am using a size G hook.  For the Swirl Shawl I am seaming as I go and using a sport weight yarn called Jojoland Melody. It is the last photo and they are 4 1/2″ in size and I am using a size F hook.

swirly_salem_start2Salemswirl0001 JoJoShawl1


Knit Nuts meet some new friends…

This past Saturday the Knit Nuts got together for our monthly meetup and when I arrived there were 3 friends (Sandy, Donna and Judy) that had already been there knitting away. I quickly introduced myself and once Pam arrived we all sat and chatted about our projects and shared some great relaxing knitting time.

Here is a little slide showing some of our projects…

Thank you Sandy, Donna and Judy for sharing your love of knitting with us and please come next month and join us again! Or, if you all are already there…we’ll join you! LOL

February ~ Knit Nuts Fun

Knit Nuts Fun

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We had a great time of knitting and chatting this past Saturday at our Knit Nuts meetup!
First I want to shout out a big “Welcome” to our newest Nut’s!

Sharon, Pam and Larissa!

I want to apologize to Sharon for not having snapped any photo’s of her. I didn’t even think to get out my camera until the meeting was half over and Sharon had already left. I met Sharon this past Christmas when she purchased one of my Santa Scarves from me. She had brought her scarf knitting board and Santa pattern and we got her well on her way to knitting her Santa Scarf. She learned the Lucet cast on and the zig zag wrapping pattern and picked this up very fast. She also needle knits and crochets.

I had invited my friend Pam (whom I have known since the 8th grade) to come and knit with us and she finally had some time that she could come. She works full time and also part time, so it’s hard for her to find time for extra activities. She knows how to knit, but it has been a few years since she has, so she just needed a refresher course for knitting and purling. By the end of the meeting she had a pretty nice swatch started and remembered most of what she already knew.

Larissa found us via Ravelry and I believe she already knew Sandy. She lives in the Ballantyne area, so hopefully she will become a regular at our meetup’s. She had brought a poncho that she was knitting, that had a very interesting slip stitch pattern, and I am looking forward to seeing the finished results!

Our group is new and we’ve only met a few times, but I’ll call all of us other’s that came, the regular “Nuts”. Aura, Sheila, Sandy, Rose and me (Connie).

Looking forward to our next knitting get together!

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Edited to add.. We have all decided to knit a baby blanket for charity. I will start it with a 1″ border and then 4″ in any pattern I choose.
I will then hand it off to the next “Nut” to knit her 4″.
The last one to get the blanket will also finish with a 1″ border before binding off.
This should give us a nice size baby blanket. Thanks Sandy for coming up with this idea for us. Sandy is also starting one for us, so there will be 2 to hand off at our March meeting!

Charlotte Purls "Purly Valentine Swap"

Yesterday was our Charlotte Purl “Purly Valentine Swap” reveal meetup.
I was able to finally tell Aura that I had her name.
I was hoping that she had not guessed it was me. I had so much fun getting her goodies together and searching and picking out things that she would love!
Here’s her purly package wrapped up and waiting for the surprise!

Here is a little video vignette of how much fun we have at our meetings!

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Below is the swap I received from Judy.

The Knitting Nuts 1st Meet and Knit!

The Knitting Nuts

our first meet up at Dilworth Coffee House at Hoods Cross Roads
which is at the corner of Idlewild Road and Matthews Mint Hill Road.

I had been wanting to start a knit group that could meet in or close to Mint Hill. A few friends of mine at church had wanted to learn to knit so I thought this would be a perfect time to set up a get together where we could share our joy in knitting, crochet, etc… So hence the start…

We had a great time together and made new friends. Sandy (aka: Shandeh) was there followed by Rose (aka: CraftChick), Gail, Aura and Michelle (aka: wewantmore) and
of course me…Connie (aka: conicuts).

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Aura had knitted me this cute little acorn magnet which was felted and she had packaged it in a clear bag with a card and bow which she had stamped herself! There was a little tag that read “who is nuts about knitting” which is appropriately named as she and I are crazy over knitting.

Thank you Aura for my sweet gift!

I had been trying to think of a name for our group and that little gift was like a light bulb blinked over my head! The Knitting Nuts! So, that’s what we will call our group filled with KnitNuts who are just those that are nuts over knitting!

Everyone was showing off some of their FO’s. All of which are so gorgeous. Rose had her awesome Barnacle Bill and 2 of the cutest little buddy bags. Aura had her modular scarf, baby sweater and cute baby hat which Samantha modeled! Gail brought her first ever scarf and her magic scarf. Sandy had her fingerless gloves and was wearing a pair of knitted socks and I brought my Vortex dishcloth and baby hat.

Sandy was knitting on her shawl and Michelle was well into knitting a Booga bag. I had just taught Gail how to knit using a loom and knitting board so she got started on another scarf on the scarf board and we also got her started on another dishcloth using the crochenit method. She has really learned alot over the last few weeks and say’s that it is so therapeutic to knit and it helps to keep her mind off of her knee pain. Aura and I were knitting another baby hat for charity and Rose was starting to CO for a project and put that off until I can meet her to let her borrow one of my 16″ circular’s to try knitting that project in the round instead of flat knitting in stockinette and then having to seam.

Rose and Aura were helping me with my purling continental method and Rose gave me a tip as how to hold my working yarn which really helped so that now my tension is not lost when purling continental. Thanks Rose! Sandy had brought a stack of great knitting magazines to share.

Michelle had in tow her beautiful baby girl, Samantha who was just precious. It’s been so long since my baby girl was that small and it reminded me of how fast time flies. The meeting time of 2 hrs from 2-4 pm also flew and before you knew it we were all headed back home with memories of time well spent with friends that are just “nuts over knitting”.