What a nice surprise!

This past Christmas I served punch when my husbands family came over Christmas eve and then to my family on Christmas day.  I don’t have a punch bowl so I used the largest pot I had to serve the punch from.

Well now I do…have a punch bowl!

My husband came home yesterday from a visit to his mom’s with a big box. He says my mom gave you a punch bowl.
To which I excitedly replied…really?

I was happy to get a punch bowl to use for my next get together and not only was it a punch bowl, but a HUGE punch bowl with pedestal and 13 cups! She also gave me a glass cake cover and stand. I told my hubby that I needed to make another Red Velvet cake to put in it and show it off! He is happy about that! I also have a brand new RED Kitchen Aid mixer that I got for Christmas from hubby that I haven’t even used yet. So this will be the perfect excuse to bake a cake!

She also included a beautiful toile gravy boat with tray and ladle. As soon as my husband took the newsprint off of it, I exclaimed, “Now, that will have to be Jennifer’s!”.  My daughter loves toile. It is so pretty that I would love to keep it too, but I can be happy with just the punch bowl and cake stand! LOL

Here is a short video clip of the

Punch Bowl, Cake Stand and Toile Gravy Boat


One thought on “What a nice surprise!

  1. How very nice 🙂 The punch bowl and cake stand are exquisite! And the gravy tureen is just gorgeous! Wow! You lucked out 😉

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