Yarn Bowl…what’s a yarn bowl!

I have been slack about writing here on my blog and figured it was time I updated you all.

I’ve been really busy since my birthday with knitting this and that and just life in general. It seems that Christmas comes sooner every year than the year before and I think that has to do with getting old and our perception of time passing!

Any who, I knitted my daughter a dress for Christmas and finally finished it. It turned out really nice and I know she will enjoy wearing it. You can see all of my Ravelry details here.

MiniDress12 MiniDress13

I also purchased a yarn bowl which seems to be in these days and I just love it! These keep your yarn from rolling everywhere as you knit and they have a nice swirl cut in the back for your yarn to glide through and they just look so darn cute too! The only other ones I had seen were were too pricey for their small size and they don’t have a sheep on them either!

June from www.risingsunearthworks.com makes these bowls and many other nice pottery items. You will be so pleased with her work, be sure to also visit her on Ravelry. Her username there is junko.

My new yarn bowl

back of yarn bowl

Last but not least I have discovered lotion bars and I am telling you if you haven’t tried one of these you just must! I purchased my first one at a local coffee shop and fell in love with it, however it was a bit small for the $7.50 price tag so I went in search for them online and found many for sale on etsy.com.

I’ve ordered from about 4 different people on etsy to find the best ones and the ones from Melanie at Serenity Soapworks are the absolute best! The almond scent is to die for! OMGosh it smells divine! Reminds me of Jergens hand lotion. The Ginger Lime and Lemon Verbena are also my favorites. Be sure to tell her Connie sent you!

Lotion Bars1 Lotion Bars2

Well, that was my quick wrap up and I have a few other projects that I have been working on to show you, but I’ll have to do that in another post when I can squeeze in some extra blogging time!


2 thoughts on “Yarn Bowl…what’s a yarn bowl!

  1. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love the color too. I am tempted to get a yarn bowl but I think the kiddos would break it. My uncle did the most fabulous pottery when he was still alive. He won several awards for his work. So when I see pottery I think of him 🙂 I’ve never seen a lotion bar. Fun post. Have a great day!

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