Egeblad Doily aka “The Love Shade” Complete

Started May 19, 08 ~~~ Finished September 10, 08

After room light on

Above photo shows it complete after adding a crocheted edge to make it longer.

Finally I have finished my “Love Shade” or Egeblad. I knit this doily to go over a night lamp in my bedroom as it’s a little too bright even on low. I am using a dark blue handkerchief now and this will be a much nicer fix. My friend Pam dubbed it my Love Shade as it’s going in my bedroom. Funny girl. So, the name stuck!

Egeblad Blocking

This really shouldn’t have taken me this long to complete, but I have many WIP’s and would just jump from one project to another. I finally decided that I really need to get these projects that are half done finished. Now I only have Something in Red, Lady Eleanor and my Entrelac Throw to finish … that is the projects left over from 2007. More recently I need to finish my Beaded Sherry Frill, Salem and my Swirly Crocheted Shawl. I won’t even mention my Swiss Cheese Scarf and Country Blue Shawl that haven’t even seen the light of day recently. Hey, but I have to finish one at a time right?

I also finished my Broad Spiral Rib socks and they fit great, even though they aren’t very pretty. They are very comfortable though. Here they are on my new Fiber Trends sock blockers.


That’s all for now…back to those waiting projects!

2 thoughts on “Egeblad Doily aka “The Love Shade” Complete

  1. That is truly stunning! You’ve done an excellent job! 🙂
    …and I really like that sock pattern.

    Way to go for tackling those UFO’s!

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