Dishcloth, Facecloth or Washcloth?

I have been on a “warshrag” kick as of late and further more have been crocheting most of them instead of knitting. I just had a quite a few patterns that I had been wanting to try. Sometimes you just have to put away the projects that just seem to go on and on and work on something quick that gives you almost instant gratification.

Starburst Dishcloths7

Starburst (crochet) – This one is super easy and really fun to make. Easily memorized pattern and very fast to complete.

Blossom Stitch Washcloth

Blossom Stitch (crochet) – This is another quick project and I love the picot edging.

Just Right Cloth in Lavender

Just Right (crochet) – This pattern I purchased and it has 2 sizes. I chose the Just Right size which is about 8″ square, but there is a larger Big Time one if you want yours bigger.

Picot Grandma3

Picot Edge Grandmas Favorite (knit) – This is my favorite so far. I love the picot edge on this one! A new take on an old favorite.

Hyperbolic Scrubbie5 Bath Puffy3

Blue and Purple on the top is Hyperbolic (crochet) and the Green and Mint after that is Bath Puff (crochet)

Tribble w_netting1

Tribble (crochet)

I also made a few scrubbies. Take my advice…don’t waste your time. Although they are quick and fun to make, they are horrible in the shower. They get heavy and won’t lather. Mine have become doggie toys.

The last one, the Tribble can be used in the kitchen. I also added some netting around the outside of it for some scrubibility! <—is that a word?

I did find some time to make a few more cards. I tend to make many of one design after I figure it out as it’s just as easy to make 4-6 as it is one. Here are my latest. The one on the left is a Bird-day card and the top comes off and a greeting pulls out and can be saved as a bookmark. The one on the right is a cute one. A bug in a fly swatter. On the outside is says ” Sorry to hear you caught a bug” and the inside says ” Get Better Soon”.


I also went to my second Stampin Up Christmas Card party and made 5 cute new ones that look like mittens. I’ll have to show you those next time.

Until then…go knit or crochet or stamp up something!

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