Stamp and Scrap Fun

I thought I had better publish a quick post to let you know that I am still knitting and crocheting, although not as much these last few weeks. I seem to be overtaken by the bug to create greeting cards. I’m hoping to have the bird related one’s for sale at my sister’s bird store in Denver, NC and I’m going to try my hand at selling the other’s on and my site .

Here are a few of my last creations.

humming_beige humming_green

3 birds blue 2008_07290015

I made this little thank you note and it was inspired by my daughter, as she loves shoes! So when I saw the cute little shoe stamps I had to have them. (Cheap at AC Moore clearance bin)


I’ve also been making these cute little envelopes with tiny little notes inside. I am calling them

“Tea Tag Notes”

tea tags flat

Finally, just for fun I made this cute little box using 12 x 12 double sided paper. It is about 6″ square and 3″ tall. So much fun! I plan to make some of these in Christmas papers. You can learn how to make your own here.


Now for a bit o’ knittin’ content! I have purchased some gorgeous yarn that I had planned to use on the Swirl Shawl pattern, however after trying the pattern I believe I will make a shawl using a similar crochet pattern and just piece it together. i had purchased the Swirl Shawl pattern and when I purchased the yarn it came with another pattern. So, I have a duplicate! If you would like to purchase my duplicate (which is NOT a photocopy) just message me and let me know. I will sell it for $5 which is what the pattern sells for…but the shipping is included so you’ll save on shipping cost.

melody ms08

Last but not least a litte fun video of our toy poodles Zoe and Hayley taking a swim with daddy. My husband cuts grass for a few of our neighbor’s and he purchased this small pool to dive into and cool off when he’s done with yard work. The first in is Zoe, she’s my little baby. She’s the one who is deaf and she loves her moma! The second in is Hayley and she is all Daddy’s doggie, as you can see the daddy really doesn’t let go of her much, however he did forget her name…LOL Too funny! We also have another poodle Sadie, and when I turned around to put her in “she was gone” She had no desire to go swimming!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Stamp and Scrap Fun

  1. I love reading about your new-found interest in card-making! You’ve done some really creative stuff and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with!

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