Reindeer Christmas Cards in July

This past Saturday I went with Aura and Sheila to a card stamping party at Donna Reynolds home. She had everything set up ahead of time for everyone to make their own 5 Reindeer Christmas Cards. This was my first time ever making a card and it was so much fun and way easier than I expected. Donna is a Stampin Up distributor and she has these card parties every month until November. You make 5 each month and then you have 25 Christmas cards that you have handmade to send out at Christmas!

I really enjoyed making these cards and now I have the stamping bug. I cleared out a spot in my sewing room today so that I can make some of my own. Once I started organizing I realized how much stuff I already have to make cards! I have a Cricut machine which will help a lot! I have ink, stamps, card stock, ribbon, eyelets, velum, embossing powders, watercolors, colored markers, a light-box, dry embossing tools and plates, and much, much more! I now have it all organized and ready to go.

That’s all for now…gotta go stamp some cards!

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