Knitting and Crochet “Q”


Photo laden post!

Wild Knitting Woman!

What is it about wanting to knit everything and anything you see in a book, magazine, Ravelry or on a friend or that a friend has made? I just have to stop! I mean I will never, ever have time to make everything I have a pattern for, but that doesn’t make me want them any less!

Here are some of my most recent book and pattern purchases and why I wanted them!

First I lucked up and got a lot of doilie booklets on eBay and only really wanted the Vintage “Coffee and Cream Doilies” one. I got this whole lot (which included the Coffee and Cream one) for less than just buying the one Vintage book. She even included some extra one’s and 2 of them are from the 1940’s!

Next, a few pattern booklets and a couple of books.

The first Yarnplay and Yarnplay at Home are 2 books in one, which I received from my Craft book club. Very worth keeping. Here’s a few things from that book that I want to knit.

A couple from my new Amigurumi book…

some from Simply Knitting magazine…

more, more, more

now to find the time and extra pair of hands…!

I also got my skein samples for May and had to put in an order for some of the NEW Luna! I’ve already swatched for my next project.

Last but not least my copy of Hungry Girl came and it’s a wealth of knowledge as well as great recipes for low calorie eating. Check out for more info.

Why am I still sitting here… I’ve got knitting to do!


2 thoughts on “Knitting and Crochet “Q”

  1. This is going to keep you busy! That bedspread looks really interesting, but OMG, imagine the seaming after you knit all those pieces!

  2. I see you will have a busy Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer…..LOL 🙂 I know what you mean exactly – I have so much in my ravelry queue – I will be knitting forever! At least I’ll die happy! 🙂

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