Noah’s Ark Baby Blanket

My most recent project is this cute little baby blanket by Michele Wilcox. It is the Noah’s Ark Baby Blanket and the pattern is in the Crochet! Magazine, May 2008 issue.

Noah's Ark Blanket

I am finished with all of the animals and am now working to complete the background sky part of the blanket. This has really been a quick, fun project and the pattern is very easy to follow. I also love the yarn that it calls for which is TLC Cotton Plus. This is my favorite cotton yarn to use for dishcloth’s as it retains it’s size and doesn’t shrink and it doesn’t fade. So, this is a perfect yarn for this project. It is also very soft and drape able.

Here is a little preview..

my Ravelry details here…


One thought on “Noah’s Ark Baby Blanket

  1. That is such a neat and unique baby blanket! The colors are pretty and I really like the video you made so I could get a closer look at how it’s crocheted. I can’t wait to see the finished project!

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