Market bags galore…

Lately I have been knitting and crocheting some market bags. The type you use to replace the plastic grocery bags that they put your groceries in. I love this idea as there are way too many of these plastic bags ending up in our land fill’s.

You can read a great article on this at Sack the Plastic Bag. I want to do my part to be eco-friendly and green!
First I crocheted these two, one in a lime green and one in navy blue.
Full Bag 0009
You can find that pattern here:
I really liked using this Hilo La Espiga 100% nylon thread for these market bags.
The next was a knitted one called Fantasy Naturale Market Bag
I loved the color and I’m giving this one to my daughter to use as a beach bag.
The last one is also knitted and it’s called Everlasting Bagstopper. I really enjoyed the knitting pattern on this one and found it the most fun to make. Here are some photo’s of it.
Everlasting Bagstopper Everlasting Bagstopper Everlasting Bagstopper Everlasting Bagstopper
Sunday a week ago me and my friend Aura got together to crochet and knit at Caribou Coffee. Here she is with her finished Crochet Market Bag. She has since finished a blue one using the nylon thread as well. These bags are very addictive and a nice quick project for fast gratification.
Now I have set my sights on a new one… Sunflower Shopping Bag!

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