Mittens Galore and New Books too…SCORE!

Books, Mittens and Love

Why is it that I just can’t let a good coupon go to waste? Are you like that too? Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore all usually have 40% coupon’s on a regular basis in the Sunday paper or that you can print from the web. Well, this past Sunday, Michaels and AC Moore had a 50% coupon that could only be used Sunday and Monday.

My husband and I had to run to Sam’s Club for some groceries but first we stopped by AC Moore for me to get a book with my 50% coupon. I picked up this nice hardback, “A Treasury of Rowan Knits”, it would normally be $39.99 and I would be hard pressed to purchase it, but with a coupon….SCORE!

I then went next door to the Target and purchased mittens. Lot’s and lots’ of mittens! Sharon in our Knit Nut’s knitting group said that she add’s a knitted fun fur cuff to these for special gifts at Christmas. So, I purchased these for myself and duplicates for Aura too, after my friend Pam told me she found them for 18 cents a pair! Again…SCORE!

Hopefully Sharon will teach us how!

Then on to Michaels to use my 50% coupon. I found “The Knitter’s Bible of Knitted Accessories” there…(photo above) SCORE!

Last but not least I wanted to share a photo of my daughter’s Valentine gift to us.
She sent us some yummy goodies and they were packaged so pretty in a red box with a satin pink ribbon tied in a bow!

She had also included a very sweet note.

Thank you Jennifer…we love you too!


4 thoughts on “Mittens Galore and New Books too…SCORE!

  1. Can’t wait to check out your books. I love those 50% coupons for the pricey books. That is a lot of mittens…but what a deal. What a sweet valentine gift from Jennifer and what a sweet and warm note. She’s a special girl. See you soon on Wednesday…

  2. Yum! But those are too pretty to eat.

    I remember passing by the accessories section at Target a month or two ago, and seeing mitts for a buck each. The thought crossed my mind about why I am bothering to knit mitts when I can buy them for much less $$$. lol.

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