Finger Knitting?

Finger Knitting

I saw a braided scarf in someone’s notebook on Ravelry and she messaged me this morning and told me she had finger knitted it. I had never heard of this technique before. This would be an awesome way of teaching children the basics of knitting using a loom as the concept is very much the same. You use your fingers as the pegs!

This would be an ever so easy way of making i-cord too! I am so trying this!

Too Cool!


2 thoughts on “Finger Knitting?

  1. I learned when I was five and did it a lot, only, well there’s not a lot you can do with small cords…. So when I finally saw knitting looms nearly thirty years later I immediately clicked that’s what they were for and knew I could figure that out (unlike needles). On the other hand I was miffed because I could have been knitting all those decades! 🙂

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