Get a Namaste Bag for 50% Off!

As you all know I purchased a Jordana Paige bag for my birthday. At the time that I was waiting for it to arrive… Dani was talking on Ravelry about these Namaste Bags that she liked. I went to their site and realized hey, their cheaper ($69.00 retail) and hey I think I like these better.
However, I had already purchased my Jordana Paige and was waiting for it to arrive, so oh well.
Dani brought her’s to the last purl meetup and it is so roomy and has a separate zippered compartment for your personal purse stuff. I also actually do like it better than my Jordana Paige bag. So I knew I had to have one and guess what… I found it even cheaper!

You can get an Namaste Executive Bag for ($34.50) 50% off at Joann with this coupon code.

Edited to add that early this morning they still had the Executive version and now I am told by some friends that they have sold out, but are expecting more soon. They still have the other 2 right now, but those could sell out too! Sorry!

They only have the Raspberry color available, but you save half!PS….they also have the Jetsetter and Vintage bags as well!


2 thoughts on “Get a Namaste Bag for 50% Off!

  1. I saw these on sale at the Joann’s website and I wanted to kick myself. I have the Raspberry Jetsetter already. They are great bags and that price is superb!

  2. Wow, everything on your blog is making me so jealous! I love your Jordana Paige bag so much, but these are great for the price… thanks for the tip off! They’re sold out at the moment but I put my e-mail in so hopefully they restock soon 🙂

    Alice @

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