Entrelac Throw

This pattern is called Entrelac Throw and it is in the
Vogue Knitting on the Go – Baby Blankets Two book.

I am using Vanna’s Choice yarn in 5 colors.
Dusty Blue, Dusty Green, Taupe, Linen and Silver Blue.
I am knitting with size 6 and size 9 needles that it calls for.

I have learned there is a definite pattern to the order in which you knit and pick up stitches! They should have told you that in the book.

Also this pattern book is very small! This is why I made a copy of the page and then enlarged it, so that I can also better keep track of where I am.

I like this pattern because you don’t have to make gads of squares and then seam them up all at one time. There are still little ends to work in but I am making sure I work those in as I go.

Just remember that when you start, your square’s will look all funky and skewed, but that is OK, they even out once you get more squares attached. Then lightly blocking should make it most perfect!

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