Turtle Dishcloth Inspired by Spaz!

As I was reading one of my fav blogs… Smariek Knits I happened upon this absolutely adorable dishcloth called Embossed Turtle! Of course after just having visited my daughter in Florida and their turtle “Spaz” I just had to knit this in his honor.


“Meet Spaz”



So, without further ado I give you spaz immortalized in cotton!

Here being eloquently and graciously modeled by my Zoe’


Embossed Turtle Dishcloth

He is on his way to Florida for Jennifer, Jessica and Katie to share.

Enjoy girls!


PS… Jennifer and Katie if you learn to purl you can make more…LOL

Zoe and turtle dishcloth



3 thoughts on “Turtle Dishcloth Inspired by Spaz!

  1. Hey Moma! That is awesome! Well I guess we are going to have to learn to purl soon! LOL That is truly an impressive dishcloth. I love you! xoxox

  2. Wow you are so fast and It really is cute.So spaz must be the girls turtle,I wondered why you wanted to make a turtle dishcloth. Now I know,very good video. Love You Mom

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