Happy 4th of July!

appy 4th of uly

We made it safely back home and had a wonderful visit with our daughter, Jennifer in

St. Petersburg, Florida this past week.


I stayed busy on the way down with my knitting and crochet. I finished Brea except I have to purchase the handle and sew the lining. I will post pictures of it when I am done. I have to get my serger fixed first as I sewed over a pin and now it won’t sew. Ugh!


Blue Purse Cover


This is the crocheted blue purse cover that I made on the drive to Florida. The small pouch I finished on the way home with my leftover yarn from the blue and black purse cover. Tapestry Crochet Pouch I was going to knit on my Something Red sweater and realized that I had forgot to take the size 7 Knit Picks Option needles I needed to work on it, so thus the little tapestry crocheted pouch.

The Little Pleated Skirt that I had knitted for Jennifer fit perfectly and she loved it. I did have to crochet a little edge at the top to run a small crocheted cord through so that it wouldn’t fall off. It was the perfect solution!

Click thumbnails to see larger photo

Pleated skirt 1. Pleated skirt 2

Since it fit her so well and she really liked it, I am going to knit her a green one. Sean and Jennifer Sean, Jennifer and Patrick Here she is wearing it out to dinner last Friday evening for her birthday. The guy with her is her boyfriend Sean. Sean and Jennifer 2

Sean with Jennifer at dinner. He’s just a little cutie too! While I was there I taught Katie how to knit and here she is with her finished Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth. Katie and Jennifer Knitting Katie Knitting Katie

I gave Jennifer a refresher course on her knitting and also taught her to crochet. I’m so proud! LOL

Jennifer and Me    Knitting Jennifer

I also received my first mini skein mailing from http://www.elann.com while we were gone.

Elann skein subscription You purchase their skein subscription and everytime you get their newsletter each month you get sample skeins of the new yarns coming out and sample snips of every yarn in the newsletter.

Very cool!





One thought on “Happy 4th of July!

  1. Ohhhh! That skirt is adorable on her! It really looks like to she loves it! Hey, a new knitter…she should join us at Charlotte Purls when she can! She you on Saturday!

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