The Crocheted Purse Cover

Ok, so I am ready to hit the road tomorrow and suddenly I am in a panic! Do I have enough yarn, hooks, needles, patterns, books to read, stuff to knit or crochet on this long 10 hour drive…LOL Yes, why of course I do, don’t all of us who knit or crochet have about 3-5 projects sitting around screaming, finish me, no finish me!

So I went to my LYS searching for the right color of blue to make another purse cover. This is what I found and I think I am liking it. I wanted to crochet this one and see which I like better. I had to call my mom to ask, Hey Moma, isn’t there a way to make crochet go up on the sides of a flat piece? The pattern called for making the bottom and then the body of the purse cover separate and then whip stiching them together….NOT! I want to avoid whip stitching at all cost.

So, I with mom’s help figured out how to get the stitches to the right count and it appears to be working. Here are a couple of photo’s so you get the jest. I will post the finished project once I am back home next week!You all have a wonderful week!

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