Re-thinking my Yarn Harlot post…

First off, let me say that I have emailed and apologized to Stephanie for jumping the gun and getting so upset over her chapter in her book, Sour Grapes. I also want to apologize publicly for bashing her and what she wrote. Ever since I read that chapter and wrote that post I have just felt bad. I am in a Tapestry Crochet yahoo group and this is where I found out about the chapter. I read it while upset, so I of course didn’t see the humor in it at all.

However, I read a post by Stephanie on her blog… I think it was on June 19th and that post made so much sense to me. She was so totally correct. Plus a lady from our yahoo Tapestry Crochet group also commented on the whole Sour Grapes chapter, and she was right too! I am posting below her comments with her permission. Her comments so totally make me see the chapter in a whole new way.

I only hope that Stephanie will accept my apology She has accepted my apology and I hope in some small way me posting this publicly will make it up to her, plus the fact that I now have to go and buy all of her books…LOL

Below is the comment posted by Jo on our Tapestry Crochet Yahoo group…

I had to laugh when I read this Sour Grapes – my first, by the way. I’m wondering
(remember, this is only my humble opinion) if people aren’t too sensitive
about our craft of choice and took this bit of prose out of context. This
article was hilarious. What I read was someone who was expressing her
preference in crafts and giving her reasons why in a humorous, quirky sort of

Speed does appeal to me, for one thing, since I don’t want to wait for
“gratification” but the idea of crocheting a king sized bedspread in 3 hours
had me almost rolling on the floor. The knitter may take her “154 hours to
cover the same area” but I’ve been working on a free form crocheted top
that’s taken me approximately 2 years and I’m still not done, LOL! And her
opener about her disdain having to do with her total failure to crochet
properly, coupled with her line about who better to set the record straight
than a completely biased knitter who has never had a single positive crochet
experience tells me she’s not serious; this is all meant in a fun way.
I mean, she’s admitting she can’t crochet; that she’s never crocheted
anything that turned out. By saying that makes her an expert to condemn
crochet comes out clearly as a humorous poke of fun.

And why get upset over hearing that crochet has a lot of crocheted toilet
paper roll covers, etc. We do! but I’ve also seen knitted ones and plastic
canvas ones, as well. And we all know we make beautiful things out of
crochet, just as there are beautiful designs made from plastic canvas, for
example. When you read the promotional copy at the end of the Sour Grapes
write up, it states that Yarn Harlot is exposing the extreme sport of
knitting as an adventure that is fulfilling, exasperating and wickedly
funny. First of all, when have you ever heard of any needle art being called
an “extreme sport” in a serious way? And when I look at this write up and
add to it the 3 hour king sized bedspread, a yarn stealing squirrel,
stripping down a car to find a lost needle, hiding wool in a piano in order
to “foist knitted socks on a friend with a wool allergy”, I can’t help but
laugh at this article. How can I take it seriously after reading all that?
And who among us haven’t passed along our share of weird & wonderfully
quirky crocheting stories?

This is JMHO but I found this article funny and relaxing. I hope we can all
slow down, take a deep breath, and not start a feud with Yarn Harlot over
something that in all likelihood wasn’t meant to be hurtful.

Jo in Edmonton

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