Lace~Up Fingerless Gloves

I am drawn like a moth to a flame to fingerless gloves! Absolutely every pattern I see for them I have to have. I actually purchased my AlterKnits book just for these Lace-Up Fingerless gloves…LOL. However there is so much more in this book that I want to knit too, so I feel it was money well spent.

Brown Lace Up Fingerless GlovesBrown Lace Up

Speaking of  (AlterKnits) it’s such a beautiful book.  It has great photo’s of the projects and is well written. Each and every page just sucks you in and makes you long to turn the next page. It is truly a feast for the eyes as well as having oodles of projects raring to jump on your needles.

Off White Lace Up

I just returned from an afternoon of knitting with my new friends the Charlotte Purls.  There was Francesta, Manchelle and Wendy who weren’t able to attend the last get together and Stacey and Yamanie who I had met last time. I want to thank Wendy for being my hand model for the photo’s of my Lace-up Fingerless Gloves above.

I am starting my BagSmith purse kit tonight and will post photo’s of my progress soon.

Purse Kit by The Bag Smith

My husband and I leave this coming Wednesday to visit our daughter, Jennifer in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her 26th birthday is Thursday. We plan to drive halfway to Savannah, Georgia and then drive the rest of the way on Thursday morning. Hopefully this way we won’t be as tired for her birthday. We’re planning to see the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” while we are in Savannah. This I am not looking forward to…as the movie I have heard is 3 hours long! Um, this just may be the perfect time to try out my lighted knitting needles…LOL

I’ll have much to work on while in the car and should have some finished projects to show once I return. Please say a prayer for traveling mercies there and back for us.


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