Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise Jacket

Sittin’and a Knittin’

EZ Baby Surprise Jacket is currently on my needles…or at least on one set of them…LOL
I found the instructional DVD very informative and helpful.
Meg Swansen did an excellent job of explaining it’s process.
Here is mine in process now… and I will post again once it is finished. I have found a few sites with great info and help on this sweater. Here they are listed for you. Be sure to print out the guide BSSnotes.pdfwhich I found at the 3rd link below. It helps you to mark off and keep track of your row count.However if you are following the DVD instructions they differ from this row guide at this section below. It really wouldn’t matter if you did the M1’s on this row, but I waited and knitted them on row 59 to keep to the instructions on the DVD.

57: 28; M1, (K5, M1) 10Xs, K4, M1; 28
59: 29, 68


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