Lacy Mock Cable Dishcloth

Yes… I’m…

Lacy Mock Cable Dishcloth

This is my first try at a more complex design. It is by no means perfect…LOL
Believe me there are many mistakes. However, I am pretty proud of myself for accomplishing this pattern that incorporates lots of yo (yarn over’s) and skpo (slip, knit, pass yarn over).

I used size 9 needles and so I only repeated the 16 row design twice. I think it would look better using smaller size needles and getting the pattern repeated at least 3 times.

I crocheted a little edge on as well. I just always thinks this add’s a special extra touch.

2 thoughts on “Lacy Mock Cable Dishcloth

  1. Bautiful lacey dishcloth! Almost to pretty to use to scrub dishes!
    Now… ya need to turn it in to a loom knit pattern :o)
    P..) It looks perfect to me!

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