Dishcloth Cro-Hook Style


    Dishcloth Cro-Hook Style

      I really enjoy this method of crocheting. It is very similar to Tunisian crochet but you use a double ended crochet hook and turn and slide your work from end to end. You can use 2 colors of yarn as I did here or just one. This makes your project look the same on both sides. It produces a very soft feel to your project as well.

        I used a denim blue, light and medium cotton yarn by Debbie Bliss. I used a size J crohook. When working the pattern instead of picking up every vertical bar on your forward row, you pick up the first horizontal stitch after your first vertical bar and pull up a loop. You then pull up a loop on that next verical bar as well. You then skip the next vertical bar and pick up a loop in the next horizontal stitch and vertical bar. You do this all the wary across on your forward rows. Your return row is a regular Tunisian return row, except that you slide your work to the opposite end of your hook and use your second color to return back.

          To the right is a photo of the light blue side and to the left a photo of the darker blue side.

            This method goes really fast and I know that I will make more dishcloths this way.

                  You can find the pattern for this dishcloth at Wrights Classroom.

                    I hope that I have inspired you to try a new method of taking yarn and making it into something special!


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