My first try at Tunisian Crochet Entrelac!


    My first try at Tunisian Crochet Entrelac!
    now what to make using it….?

      I had seen this technique and really wanted to learn how to do it. Well, I just learned how to crochet tunisian style and then found directions on how to make Entrelac using the Tunisian crochet method! It is so much fun and so easy breezy!

        You can find the directions using the link above. I started with the bottom 3 brown diamonds and ended with the top 3 brown diamond. As I progressed I improved with my technique and learning where to place the stitches. So, the first gold and last brown row were the best looking.

            Here is a close up of the stitch…
            These squares were about 1 and 1/2 inch square. They were made using 5 rows of tunisian regular forward pass and return rows, using 7 stitches per row.

              Of course if I make a purse or afghan the squares would be much larger. I’ll have to figure that out next…LOL

                Anyway, wanted to share and maybe get you excited about trying Tunisian Crochet and Entrelac! I have links for many sites I have found to be helpful in the sidebar on the right under Helpful Crochet/Tunisian Crochet Links

                  There are many Yahoo Groups where you could learn more about both.
                  Some I have joined are listed below:






                      Have fun!


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