Alternative to PayLoadz now available!


This is a great new alternative to PayLoadz that I just had to share. If you sell digital e-goods, like I do… you need a way to get them to your customer as soon as they purchase your item, as well as a place to store or upload your files so that they can be delivered to your customers automatically.

Now, PayLoadz does this as well, but here is the difference! With PayLoadz their service is free UNTIL you sell more than $100.00 in any given month, at that time the price goes up to $15.00 per month. My first week selling my patterns, I had to change to the $15.00 per month plan!

Now, with this new service, it doesn’t matter how much you sell, you only pay the $5.00 per month. This is there starting plan which gives you 20 MB of storage space on their server for your digital goods or files. Now, PayLoadz gives you 50 MB of storage with their free plan (until you go over $100.00), but IPM has 60 MB of storage for $10.00 per month, which is still a huge savings over PayLoadz!

Believe me $5.00 per month for 20 MB is PLENTY of space. I am no where near filling that 20 MB even with all of my patterns! Oh, and if you are a Prim Client then the price per month goes down to $4.00 per month. I also use the Pattern Patch to sell my patterns, so I get the discount.

My Pattern Patch Shop

Speaking of the Pattern Patch. I am the only designer who sells knitting board and loom patterns there! All of you knitting board and loom designer’s out there should really check out their service. I have always heard “diversify” which is to say, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”. I think the more places I have my goods for sale, the more exposure for me and for our craft!

So, in closing…what have you got to lose, click the link above, read all about it and get onboard and save money in the process!

And, if you know any designer who sells their patterns online please send them this post!


One thought on “Alternative to PayLoadz now available!

  1. One alternative, that is a little cheaper than even is We have a 100MB plan for $5 a month with unlimited sales (plus the proceeds go directly to your PayPal account instead of an intermediary account).

    We’d love to get active in the patterns community! Drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to accomodate you!

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