Crochet Look Scarf


Well, I have decided not to finish the braided scarf. Here is a picture of how it looks.

The next time I need to make each section 65″ long to allow for the braid. I also used 4 pegs for the width and 2 would be better. Or, I think using Isela’s I cord method on the round loom for the sections would work well too. My newest venture is trying the Mock Crochet look on a scarf. I also used Isela’s new cable cast on, which prevents that loopy edge when casting on a loom. I am using Paton’s Bohemian and knitting on the red
Knifty Knitter brand of loom.
I really like this method. It is very easy and works up very quickly. It also uses less yarn than knitting on a knitting board. So, this method would be best when using yarns with less yardage.


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